Monday, October 24, 2011

Spring, Swaps and Travel (nearly)

Dear reader,

I really do apologise for been absent.  Life and deadlines have taken over my life - Oh, and Spring!  The garden has gone nuts!  We have mowed twice this week alone!!!  That involves a ride on mower and an edge mower.  The weeds seem to have a life of their own.  Ground that was beautifully groomed a week ago is literally knee deep in weeds!  You should see the bits that haven't been touched for 2 weeks!
Where has October gone?  I'm not ready yet!  November is rushing at me making a really loud noise.  I will be on a plane on November 2nd on my way to Houston and I'm not ready!  I have a heap of stuff to do at work (Rat dissections, frog clarifications (that one is new to me - could be very interesting), the second last week for our year 12's - final exams coming up before University or other exploits!

I have been a bit busy in the studio.  I've worked on two lengths of fabric for a swap that one on the groups I belong to are doing.  It is a 50cm x 50 cm fabric swap.  I made the first one and thought to self "I like that - it will be the the one!"

 On Sunday, I was in the studio with two of my grand babies (3 and 5) showing them how I play with stuff and I made a second length that I think might work better! I should play with Grand Babies in the studio more often I think.

 Now I'm in a dilemma.

I really love this!  Do I add more layers?  Do I leave it alone?  I might just let it brew a bit!

Both of these lengths of fabric started life as one piece.  It was scruched into a tray and then flooded with Jet Black Procion MX dye and the "mouched" a bit.  It really is amazing what happens when you take two very similar pieces of fabric and play with them differently!  When to stop?

Tonight, when I got home from work, I made a cover for my Kindle.  I wasn't going to because I thought it would be fine but I took it to work with me in my handbag by accident!  (It jumped!).  Hummm!  That screen is really exposed!  A quilted cover is the answer - I thought!  The BSR foot on the Beautiful Nina decided she didn't like the colour of the cover!  Plan B - free motion without help!  I can do that - the BSR is just a bonus.

Back to the packing for Houston!  The paper work is amazing just to get there!  Then there are all the electronic bits and pieces that need to be organised!  I might just sleep for the whole flight to Forth Worth - that would be brilliant (15 hours)!



Robin Mac said...

I just love the pieces of fabric you have created - they are both gorgeous. I think you should stop right there with them. I am intrigued by the frog 'clarification'? All sorts of possibilities are spinning round my brain. I think you will need to sleep all the way to Fort Worth with your work schedule at present. Cheers.

Annette said...

Both are gorgeous, but I have to admit at favourite is the feathers.. well done on getting them down.. and with help..

Banaghaisge said...

Both are lovely, tho kind of leaning towards the first one as a keeper...
And have a wonderful trip to Houston, what an adventure. Don't take anything (except a couple of tee shirts and undies, buy everythng once you get there, be so much more fun when you get home. "Oh this little thing? Bouoght it when I was in the States" in a casual manner...). Safe travels, too.
Hugs, Jas xxxx

Maggi said...

Both pieces of fabric are great. Have a wonderful trip to Houston.

Robbie said...

I love the feather/leaf piece!! That is really beautiful!!! Have a great trip to USA!!!! Quilt heaven for sure!

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