Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sharing dyeing with my friends!

Yesterday I had the amazing experience!  I shared, with a bunch of my friends, the experience of turning white stuff into the most amazing coloured stuff! 

Stuff = white fabric/threads!

I think the girls had a heap of fun - I know I did.

To teach you need to show - I think that is how it happens.  So I scrunched, I pleated. I "mooshed" (new word quoted by MJ and Carol - very effective!).

While the girls were playing, I played a bit too - they watched and did!

Photos of their results coming soon!

I showed them how to tray dye. 

From the fabric I saw coming out of the washing machine, they have over achieved!  Awesome!

Wow - I'm so happy with this result!

  When I finally came home I decided to use the left over dye (you can't waste it!)!

This is 1m x 2.4m!  I can see a lot of stitching happening here very soon!

This piece is gigantic!  I have no idea what I will do with it - I just couldn't waste the dye!

A purple forest?  100cm x 50cm.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spring From My Kitchen Sink

This is the Spring view from my kitchen sink! It is my neighbours front yard (not mine), but what an awesome view to start the day! 

The third patch on my travellers blanket - this one is a gelatine plate monoprint.  It have been printed twice - the first time yellow and the second orange.  Just perfect for my blanket!Posted by Picasa

Patch no 4
This one is a bit different.  Two techniques used - a gelatine plate monoprint (the first pull with the mask still in place).  It was a boring charcoal colour so I over printed it with one of my abstract lino blocks.  That gave it a bit of spark.

I really am enjoying the process of making this blanket but I'm also enjoying analysing how I have created some of the fabric that is in my stash.


Friday, September 09, 2011

This and That

My Travellers Blanket is progressing  Yellow, orange and red seem to be the colours that make it sing.  I did have to go and buy me a new thimble - a travellers blanket can cope with just so much blood! (And the person making it has a  just so much skin!).  The eye of the needle under a fingernail doesn't feel very good!

Here are the first two patches - the second one is now complete!  I do love this process. 

For someone who said she would never, ever, ever hand quilt another quilt............ am I really doing this and enjoying it?  Yes I am. The beauty is that I can't see a Quilt Policeman anywhere and the clock isn't ticking!  My time, my design and my choices.

This is the third patch - a piece of a gelatine printed fabric.  It really is very interesting how much life a scrap can take on, in isolation!

This morning we had a new washing machine installed in our kitchen (long story - lets just say, it cuts out the stairs!)

Little Miss Her ran out the door as soon as the plumber arrived this morning.  She finally can back tonight at dinner time. 

I did 3 loads of washing with the little cat looking daggers at the kitchen.  After the last load she finally deciced she could get a little closer!  She is not too sure!

Isn't this the most amazing mess of interesting stuff?  All the threads are hand dyed! 


Thursday, September 08, 2011

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