Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Play Date with Grand Daughter

I had a play date and sleep over with second eldest Grand Daughter yeaterday and today!  Sweet pea (DH) was in hospital having kidney stones blasted, so Georgie came to stay and play!

Last year we had another day of play and we made an very large pile of A4 paper.  We had no idea what we would do with it at the time.

Yesterday we designed a thermofax screen, printed a length of fabric with it for one project and selected the fabric for another project!

The fabric Georgie picked for the journal she wanted to make for her soon to be born sibling was one of the fabrics I made for a swap I was involved in towards the end of last year.  I was really pleased because I had no idea what I would do with it!  We used the paper from last year and worked on how to make the journal.  After lots of discussion we come uop with a plan!
Here is the finished journal!  I am thrilled with it to say the least!

We even made the cord that closes the journal!

This was my first attempt at binding a book! 

We are both very happy with the result (there are only two holes in my fingers!).

Georgia decided that red binding cord and a red cord the tie the journa lclosed would give a very Japanese effect to the journal. I think we achieved that! 

I just love the hand made paper!  Lots of colours (we dropped the red - all wrong for this).

Now I think I need to make one for me!



rooee said...

Hi Sally! You and GD did a wonderful job on the journal. Just gorgeous and the red just makes it extra spesh! I do hope Sweetpea will be good as gold soon. I must go through your blog and find your Houston posts (later today) x

Maggi said...

The red finishes it off beautifully. A lovely journal.

Lindi said...

The red is a perfect choice! GD certainly takes after her GM in creativity. :)
Hope Sweet Pea is recovering nicely.

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