Monday, November 11, 2013

I've been painting!

I watched one of Linda Kemshall's DMTV videos a few weeks ago and it spurred me on to get out my paints (acrylics) and start to create.  It was the prod I needed to get out of my creative fug!

I started to paint with acrylics.  I've played a lot with watercolours! I love them.  Acrylicas are all new to me.  Wow!  How much fun are they?  You make a mistake and you can fix it!

Grey Fantail - acrylic on canvas

Willy Wagtail with babies

Blue wren - acrylic on canvas

Blackbird in a wattle

Blogger isn't being nice tonight.  No more captions grrr.

  The last two photos are my first attempt at oils.  I am very happy with that med\ium - a big learning curve coming up but so far I am happy!

The parrot is an Orange Bellied parrot. A native of Tasmania and the most endangered bird in Australia.



Penny said...

Great paintings.

Anonymous said...

Love the birds - they came out great!!

Robbie said...

These are wonderful, Sally!!!! You are so talented!!! They are all so great I can't decide which is my favorite!

Maggi said...

Great little studies Sally. Good to see you having fun with the different media, and being s successful with it.

Carolyn Shearer said...

Your paintings are lovely Sally. I have also enjoyed Linda Kemshall's bird painting videos on DMTV, your birds are just as lovely.

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