Monday, May 17, 2010

Bathurst SCQuilters Retreat!

Wow!  How much fun was that!  The retreat was a ball!    The venue was amazing (on Conrod Straight - Mt Panorama!).  My Sister is not happy with me!  When Bathurst is on she won't even answer her phone!

Where do I start!  The committee did the most amazing job keeping us all under control.  I do recall even seeing some sewing happening.  There were knitting needles working hard too!  I really do want the pattern for that lovely shaggy scarf that some were making (with various degrees of success!).  If anyone reading this has the pattern - I'd love it!

This is the banner that Del Sodden (Roomie) made for the retreat.  It is brilliant.  It has now become part of the Retreat "furniture".  It will travel from retreat to retreat. 

The photo has me, Sharron and Lorraine in it - I didn't manage to get a photo of the 4 of us!

Here we are getting settled in for a good chin wag, a lot of giggles and a quiet little nitecap!

A bunch of Tasmanian quilters and an honourary one (and she was my mortal too!)!

An ExTasmanian and Retreat Virgin
 (It was wonderful to finally meet you Fran)  I just love your quilts!

And here is Lindi!  A retreat virgin too!  She threw herself in head first!
The shop hop with Lindi was a giggle a minute!
Kiama (that's where the next retreat is) here I come!!!!!!


ozjane said...

Glad you went and glad you enjoyed it.

Paxton said...

Now you've done it! It sounds like SO much fun that I may just be tempted to join you next year!!

Lindi said...

We did have a blast didn't we? Best time I've had for ages. :) It was so great meeting you face to face, and thanks for the fun on the shop hop! See you when I come down to Tassie!

Robbie said...

I'm sure the get-away was exactly what you needed! Looks like you had a great time! Now to see some 'inspired work' from you!

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