Monday, October 04, 2010

Day 2 with Marie-Therese

Have you ever seen a messier work space?  For me this was just heaven - I had room to move.  I think a few of us were feeling the same way!

The most important part is the black ellipse!  That is my coffee!

This photo is all about pomegranates, coffee cup, rollers, paint pots and lids!

Oh - there is a lino sitting there!  That would be the one I bought from Dijanne Cevaal late last year!  Is it that long ago?

I seriously love that fat quarter right in the middle of this messy table!  I'll try to remember to take a proper photo of tomorrow.

This is the cloth I had on my work table to protect the table.  I forgot to take a drop cloth to cover my work space, so I used a piece of fabric that I dyed a few months ago that I wasn't happy with because it was just way too bland.  I hav no idea why I had it in my bag when I arrived at the wrokshop!
I think I really like it now!

Testing, sopping up paint, over printing, edges!  I think it tells the story of the whole weekend


What do you do with the paint that has soaked into the rollers?

You grab a piece of realy nice purple/blue fabric and you just roll the rollers!

That is going to be a great back ground for something!


What do I say about this?

I'm just stunned by the knowlege that Marie Therese has passed on!

I have had the best weekend!

Thank you Marie-Therese and Chris


   PS   -    Promise tomorrow I will fix the colours in yesterdays post! 

My throat is like glass and I don't have a voice - only squarking!Posted by Picasa


ozjane said...

So great you had that wonderful time.
Love the work.

Dee Soden said...

nome nome nome

looooove pink and purple pommegranates

Annette said...

Heya Sally, hope your not voiceless this morning, but I guess you'd at least get some time off work!
Marie Therese is fantastic I agree, did a 5 day workshop with her in June, it was fantastic... wonderful lady, great teacher..
Your fabrics are gorgeous..

Penny said...

These are so yummy.Lucky you.

Wil Opio Oguta said...

Great fabrics Sally!

Chris said...

Thanks, Sally: it was my pleasure to make it happen - yes, I had a wonderful time too CX

Lindi said...

You've obviously had a fabulous time, and what great results you have to show for it!

Fran C said...

love the fabrics Sally, as they are purples just my colour. lol

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